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1 Design:
Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and
2 Product Sourcing:
Sunto works closely with the best manufacturers in China.
3 Samples Procedure:
Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!
4 Packaging:
Let Sunto do your packaging and help put your mind at rest.
5 Warehousing & Consolidation:
Store until you need to ship and ship from all your factory sources.
6 Logistics:
We can offer the complete package from concept to delivery; arranging everything up until the point your product arrives.
7 After-Sales:
We want to hear about your success stories and if any issues ever arise
    At Sunto our core capabilities lie in delivering a complete supply solution for Chinese manufactured products to be suitable for Western markets.
Our uniqueness is being able to offer solutions from any point in the development chain including those that are just a mere concept and reproducing existing ranges whilst improving profitability.
  From design and development, through prototyping, tooling and manufacturing, Sunto Sanitary Ware has it all covered.
Controlling Production Quality is achieved through scheduled inspections of all factory processes with final quality inspection and packing checks completed under the direction of Sunto Trade Co Ltd, before products leave the factory.
  We currently supply to some of the largest retailers with the most demanding margins.
With our vast supply network of products to global markets - chances are you may have already purchased a Sunto product for yourself or your home.
Since 2008, the Sunto Sanitary Ware Co., has been
successfully eliminating global buying issues from the minds of our clients & customers worldwide.
With offices and representatives around the world, we understand YOUR market
as well as understanding the issues felt by manufacturers. Most problems between global suppliers and clients are due to poor communication.

Culturally, suppliers can be reluctant to question things they do not understand. We break down those barriers to ensure you get what you want, when you want it and to the level you expect.
Detail matters! It is our policy to ensure we understand your product or range
requirements 100% before selecting the right manufacturer for you.

Our samples procedure ensures you can be comfortable that when your delivery arrives, there are no nasty surprises.