How to install a bathtub sunken bathtub installation method

Date: 03-19-2014
Embed rise bathtub way, so to maximize the release of household space . This is simply a very practical for a small apartment bathroom toiletries, because embedded Bathroom Bath is a big thing, some of the details did not pay attention to the latter will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as water, drainage and other projects. Next Xiaobian for you to explain the sunken bathtub installation method.
First, install the embedded bathtub Precautions
1, a low wall around the tub or ribs have sufficient supporting force to compress the surrounding sand compaction ;
2, the bottom of the bathtub do not use bricks or other hard material support to avoid damage during use glazed ;
3, the bottom of the tub and around the corner to touch full force uniform ;
4, note that the overflow pipe and drain pipe joints tightly coupled ;
5, leaving a manhole into the water when the stick tiles. For surface look good, you can use glue to glue tiles on the manhole, so can not see from the outside, while maintenance time and convenience to remove tiles ;
6, before the first well placed into the water bath accessories, and do 24 hours off water test to see if the joints leaking ;
7, when placed bathtub drain attention to end slightly lower than the other end. Slightly lower than on the outside of one end by the end of ;
8, the actual size of a bathtub may not be fully consistent with the nominal size, the first on-site measurements to purchase and install it, and set aside the normal tolerances for easy installation ;
9, under the water slightly inverted s best type, this can prevent smelly back.