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How to choose their own bathroom showers
Good or bad relationship with the bathroom renovation is comfortable to live in the future , the relationship between the family 's health problems . Choosing the right product is the key renovated bathroom . Today small will introduce species shower and purchase, after determining the bathroom brand range , you can compare the following points , choose the most suitable family bathroom friends.
Kind of shower
There are three main types of sprinkler forms: hand shower , overhead shower and side spray shower . Rainfall also vary according to the different methods of water features , water features more common modes are:
( 1 ) the general formula : that the basic needs of a shower bath water , suitable for simple and quick shower ;
( 2 ) turbine : water is a concentrated jet of water to make the skin itch micro- micro hemp feeling , this can be a good way to stimulate the bath , sober-minded ;
( 3 ) Massage type : refers powerful spray, pour intermittent , can stimulate the body's acupuncture points each ;
( 4 ) Strong beam type : strong water flow , water flow through the collision between the generated mist effect, increasing bathing fun.
A complete shower includes shower head , shower columns and hoses. Among them, the double sprinkle configuration more, including an overhead shower and a hand shower ; single configuration of a single hand-held shower spray is not uncommon ; luxury configuration overhead shower and handheld shower in addition there is an outside shower or multiple side spray shower , play the role of massage waist . Sprinkle the top with a circular shape is most common , as well as a unique square, star , etc. casual chic .
Optional shower
Good design can ensure that each water sprinkler orifice allocation are basically the same, so I chose to shower water is unmissable . Water-saving feature is the key to consider when choosing shower . Some showers using steel ball valve core , and with hot water regulator controller that can adjust the water inflow into the mixing tank , so that water can flow quickly and accurately . This type of design is more reasonable than the average rainfall shower 50% water .
1 , so that the selection of shower water tilt : If the top of the water spray holes significantly smaller or simply do not have , the internal design of the shower is very general, even if there are a variety of ways lasing water , spray , etc., the user may also Debu to the corresponding pleasant experience.
2 , see sprinklers : pay attention to whether the shower and easy to clean. Shower outlet blockage often due to the accumulation of impurities caused by the mesh cover , inevitably there will be showers with a long scale deposition , If you can not get cleaned up , and some might be clogged spray holes .
In order to avoid poor water quality caused by blockage of the outlet , often well-designed shower head protruding out , easy to clean , or nozzle is made of silicone material, with a rag or hand can be brushed scale deposited on the nozzle when cleaning . Some showers also set automatically remove scale features in the purchase of the shower can ask one more question on this .
3, see the coating and spool : Generally speaking, the more light and delicate shower surfaces , coating treatment process , the better . Good spool with high hardness ceramic , smooth , wear-resistant , to prevent leaking , be sure to try it yourself twist switch purchase , if you feel bad, this shower is best not to buy .
4 , shower fittings will directly affect the comfort of its use , also need extra attention . Such as pipes and lift rod is flexible, how to shower hose plus wire bending resistance capacity , whether the sprinkler connection with anti- twist wrapped around a ball bearing , rotating lift rod if safety controllers.