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Optional multi-shower knack material must be carefully distinguished
Bathroom decoration , shower began welcomed by everyone , it is not only the space occupied by the low rate , but also to maintain a good clean. The arrival of autumn and winter , the temperature change is relatively large , shower blew also have occurred before , so after the election was very good quality shower room key .
Optional multi- shower tips
Shower room shape is generally arc sector , and some have a square , a diamond shape so very many , and some have sliding doors , folding doors, pivot doors , etc. , you can use the limited bathroom space , to apply a lot of style, in optional shower shapes sure to refer to the size of the area and toward the bathroom .
Common shower room types are : (1) vertical angular shower room, the biggest feature is a better use of limited bathroom area , expand usage, common shower square diagonal , curved shower rooms, shower rooms are diamond-shaped such is the application of more styles ; 2 a bath -shaped screen , some of the narrow width of room , but the head of the household or a bathtub bit reluctant choice with bath and shower screen when using a multi- shaped shower screen ; 3 on the bath tub screen, many households have installed a bathtub , shower and yet are often used for taking into account both, which can also be produced on the screen bath tub , a general -shaped bath with shortening , or full- folded form is more common, but the cost is high and uneconomical.
Generally , Asians height and body type , suitable for use 90 cm × 90 cm above the shower room, the space is too small will be very small , physically difficult stretch. And in the size, the same is 90 cm × 90 cm in size , "L" shaped arcuate area than the area to be larger. Consumers in the purchase decision based on personal preferences and bathroom inside the actual situation . Another shaped floor- shaped bathtub shower door and a shower door because the construction is relatively simple, so the price is relatively cheap. On sizes , a shaped shower doors more flexible, can be customized according to the size of the bathroom or bathtub length.